Lot Grading

Lot grading and drainage are among the most critical stages in constructing a new home. If surface water is not properly controlled, it can lead to costly damage and endless headaches for the home owner.
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Let MAC Land Works design, build and maintain a beautiful yard you will be proud to show off! We have more than 40 bobcats and 7 tandem trucks that can turn your land into your dream yard.
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MAC Land Works provides complete land surveying services for new housing and major construction projects. Our surveying crews are equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure that your property meets lot grading criteria.
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Snow Removal

At MAC Land Works, we have the tools to make light work of snow removal. We like to keep busy when the snow flies, so we put our Bobcats, loaders, graders and trucks to use clearing away the white stuff for you.
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Window Wells

Basement windows are designed to let natural light flow into the lower level of your home. Unfortunately, they can also let water flow into your basement. MAC Land Works uses clay and topsoil to create Window Wells that provide a positive slope away from your home’s foundation.
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