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Congratulations on your new MAC Land Works & Consulting Ltd. landscaping package!  Your new trees and shrubs will provide shade and beauty for your yard for years to come.

Some maintenance is required in order to keep your trees and shrubs alive and healthy. For the first year or two, your trees and shrubs require water and nutrients – which you are responsible for supplying.

Although all trees are different and therefore have different needs, here are some basic tips to encourage the successful life of your trees.


  • Your trees and shrubs were watered when they were installed. This ensures they survive the first days.
  • Trees and shrubs should stay on the same watering schedule as your sod.
  • Unlike sod, however, trees and shrubs can be over-watered.  Too much water will cause the leaves on trees and shrubs to turn yellow; not enough water will make them turn brown.  Discretion is needed through the landscape season to determine when – and how much – to water.
  • If you put fabric or rock around trees and shrubs, be sure to leave a large enough hole in the fabric to provide good aeration around the base of the tree or shrub. Fabric holds moisture in the ground and can cause root rot.
  • Do not pile excess dirt around the base of your trees and shrubs, because this can also cause root rot.
  • In the late fall, apply extra water to your trees and shrubs. This will help prevent premature budding in the spring. Premature budding can kill all the new buds, and consequently kill the tree, if there is a late-spring snowstorm.
  • If there is warm weather during the winter, we recommend watering your trees and shrubs to help ensure premature thawing does not happen.


  • We recommend that you do not fertilize your trees or shrubs during the first growing season.


Enjoy Your New Yard!