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Congratulations! You have just received your new MAC Land Works & Consulting Ltd. Landscaping package. Your new sod increases your property value significantly.

With the proper care, it will remain a great asset, providing beauty, a clean playing surface and an improved environment.

Here are some tips to encourage a dense and healthy lawn:


  • The first 12 hours after new sod has been laid down is the most vulnerable to drying out.
  • Be prepared by having enough hose to reach all corners of your yard.
  • A good sprinkler is also necessary to ensure proper watering of your entire yard. Do not water by hand, because this does not distribute water evenly.
  • New sod should be watered to the point that the ground is soft when it is stepped on. This is approximately 30-40 minutes per area.
  • Water every day for 7 days, then cut back to once every 2 days. Use your discretion: If the weather is hot and dry, you must water more often; if it is moist due to rain or snow, you must water less.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot over-water sod, but you can under-water it.
  • If gaps start to appear between rows of new sod, your sod is drying out.
  • Do not water between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. because water on grass acts like a magnifying glass and will burn your new sod. Early mornings or late evenings are the best times to water.
  • Keep off your new sod as much as possible — except to water your grass.


  • Cut your new sod for the first time when the grass is 6 inches long. This should take about 2 weeks, depending upon the weather.


  • Because lawn maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility, there is no warranty service on sod. Should you have any questions or concerns, please call our office.


Enjoy Your New Yard!