56 Garneau Gate (FG PR – Oct 7/20)


Pregrade: Inv# 23662, Oct 10/18, Job# GB13010, PO# GB13010/022

Affected by 58- June 3/19

Garage built ready for staking – June 21/19

Staked for RG, no garage pad, no power, not surveyed- June 26/19

Staked for RG- July 4/19

Too wet to check- July 30/19

Too wet to check- Aug 1/19

Need repair- Aug 12/19

Sept 12/19- Regrade due to fence

Sept 25/19- Order Cert

Oct 1/19- RG GC

Oct 23/19- FG PR

Oct 24/19- RG; Invoice#- 25983, Job#- GB13010, PO#- GB13010/023

Nov 8/19- Repaired Back yard after fence post installation, had to redo the whole yard ; Invoice#- 26205, Job#- GB13010

June 21/20- FG GC

June 30/20- FG FR

Sept 11/20- FG FR- Inconsistent slope/drainage causing ponding. South property line

Oct 7/20- FG PR

Oct 8/20-Front yard landscaping back yard topsoil; Invoice#- 28024, Job#- GB13010, PO#- GB13010-030


Builder San Rufo
Job No GB13010
Address Greenbury
City Spruce Grove
Province AB
Country Canada
Postal Code
Plot Received May 4/18
Grade Assigned
Grade Completed PG - Oct 10/18
Grade Certificate Received
Grade Failed
Grade Passed FG - Oct 23/19
Invoice Date
Paid Date


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