4027 7 Ave SW (RG PR- June 11/20)


Coordination fee; Pre-grade: Inv# 21934, Sept 29/17, Job# CHH0033755, PO# H0033755-073

Staked for RG with O/S LS + RS – Oct 1/18

Oct 30/18 – Replaced RF + RM stakes (they were missing) and resurveyed

Rough grade: Inv# 22168, Oct 31/17, PO# H0033755-072

May 31/19; RS Adjust construction

June 10/19- Adjust construction RS

June 14/19- Restaked for RG

July 3/19- Still Staked for RG

July 15/19- Needs RG Repair

Aug 12/19- Needs repair

Sept 12/19-Order Cert- Unable to stake due to back, construction

Sept 18/19- RG GC

Sept 24/19- RG FR

Sept 25/19- Staked for repair

Sept 30/19- Regrade due to active construction; Invoice#- 25707, Job#- CHH0033755, PO#- FPO1153221

Oct 11/19- No sidewalk

Oct 18/19- Order Cert

Oct 28/19- RG GC

Nov 1/19- RG FR

May 29/20- Needs repair at swale on RS

June 5/20- Re-Staked right side high point

June 11/20- RG PR; Invoice#- 26797, Job#- CHH0033755, PO#- H0033755-074

June 16/20- Repaired RG due to winter settlement; Invoice#- 26858, Job#- CHH00337855, PO#- FPO1180841

July 24/20- Delivered 3 loads of topsoil; Invoice#- 27151, Job#- CHH0033755, PO#- FPO1187091


Builder Bedrock
Job No CHH-3755; CHH0033755
Address Charlesworth
City Edmonton
Province AB
Postal Code
Plot Received July 7/17
Surveyed RG - Oct 1/18; RG - Oct 30/18
Grade Assigned
Grade Completed PG - Sept 29/17; RG - Oct 31/18
Grade Certificate Received
Grade Failed RG - Se[t 24/19
Grade Passed
Invoice Date
Paid Date


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