2101 Wonnacott Way SW (RG PR-Aug 24/20)


PP – Aug 15/18

Sept 25/18 – Framing

Pregrade: Inv# 24171, Apr 26/19, Job# EA-H1998-WS, PO# 03-30

May 17/19 – Staked for RG

May 27/19: LS levels are okay, RS HP low 5 cm to RG Level

May 30/19- Hauled in 4 tandems of clay for grading by machine from empty lots up the street; Invoice#- 24484, Job#- EA-H1998-WS

May 30/19- RG; Invoice#- 24483, Job#- EA-H1998-WS, PO#- 03-30

June 4/19- RM HP low 5 cm to RG lvl.

June 11/19- Repair RM, HP too low

July 15/19- RM still too low. Settlement along DW on LS

Aug 7/19- RM to low, needs repair

Aug 12/19- Staked RS Too Low

Aug 23/19- Staked for repair, RM too low

Aug 26/19- Order Cert

Sept 5/19- RG GC

Sept 13/19- RG FR

Sept 16/19- Check LF station levels with Pals

May 19/20- Staked left side for RG repair

June 25/20- Damage due to adjacent construction. Whoever did the PG on the house to the left damaged our RG again. Also garbage bin on left property line from adjacent house.

Aug 17/20- RG GC

Aug 24/20- RG PR

Aug 25/20- Coordination Fee; Invoice#- 27401, Job#- EA-H1998-WS, PO#- 03-30


Builder Montorio
Job No EA-H1998-WS
Address Walker
City Edmonton
Province AB
Postal Code
Plot Received Aug 15/18
Surveyed RG - May 17/19
Grade Assigned
Grade Completed RG May 30/19
Grade Certificate Received
Grade Failed RG- Sept 13/19
Grade Passed
Invoice Date
Paid Date


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