2025 & 2027 Wonnacot Way (FG PR – May 27/20)


2025-Back filled garage: Inv# 20651, May 15/17, Job# WKR0034059, PO# R0034059-065

2025- Pregrade: Inv# 20650, May 15/17

2027-Pregrade: Inv# 20645, May 15/17, Job# WKR0034060, PO# R0034060-063

2025-Hauled in 2 tandems of clay for pregrade: Inv# 20733, May 18/17, PO# FPO1060441

2025-Complete grading incl. coordination fee: Inv# 21324, July 17/17, PO# R0034059-064

2027-Complete grading incl. coordination fee: Inv# 21325, July 17/17, PO# R0034060-063

Ordered RG cert: Aug 17/17

2025-Rough grade cert: Aug 21/17

2027-Rough grade cert: Aug 21/17

2027-Rough grade FR: Aug 23/17

2025-Rough grade FR: Aug 24/17

2025-Repaired settlement under deck, clay cap at city sidewalk due to washout, and left hand side property line swale: Inv# 21805, Aug 31/17, VO# FPO1072551

2027-Repaired settlement along foundation wall and under rear deck, recapped city sidewalk, and repaired along right hand side of garage: Inv# 21806, Aug 31/17, VO# FPO1072561

May 27/20- FG GC

May 27/20- FG PR


Builder Bedrock
Job No WKR4059/4060
Address Walker
City Edmonton
Province AB
Postal Code
Plot Received Apr 7, 2017
Grade Assigned
Grade Completed
Grade Certificate Received
Grade Failed 2027-Rough-Aug 23/17; 2025-Rough-Aug 24/17
Grade Passed
Invoice Date
Paid Date


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