2007 51 St SW (RG PR Aug 5/20)


Levelled lot as requested for stake out:  Inv#22856, June 27/18

Oct 18/18 – Staked; *not surveyed*

Oct 19/18 – Staked for RG, with PL and CL. Raised CL 10 cm to make the flow of water relevant against the concrete level.

Pregrade: Inv# 23903, Oct 31/18, Job# EA-H1962-WS, PO# 03-30

Rough grade: Inv# 23902, Oct 31/18, PO# 03-30

RF needs cut, unable to do so because of DW height, water settlement along foundation wall at back and under deck : May 27/19

June 10/19- To wet to check

June 11/19- Order Cert, d/w too low to achieve RF stations, RG condition is not acceptable

June 14/19- RG GC

June 27/19- RG FR

July 4/19- Swale is in correct position we are not a 0 lot. There is no correct easement. Out swale goes to  the edge of the property on the RS. Raise HP RS. Topsoil adjacent on RS

July 23/19- Not repaired correctly

Aug 12/19- RG Repair from RG FR, Staked

Aug 23/19- Order Cert

Sept 10/19- RG GC

Sept 16/19- RG FR

June 10/20- RG needs clean up due to excessive weeds

July 8/20- Needs RG touch up due to retaining wall

Aug 5/20- RG PR

Aug 11/20- Coordination Fee; Invoice#- 27270, Job#- 1962-WS, PO#- 03-30


Builder Montorio
Job No EA-H1962-WS
Address Walker
City Edmonton
Postal Code
Plot Received June 14/18
Surveyed RG - Oct 19/18
Grade Assigned
Grade Completed PG/RG - Oct 31/18
Grade Certificate Received
Grade Failed FG - Sept 16/19
Grade Passed
Invoice Date
Paid Date


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