17927 62 St NW (FG FR – Oct 6/20)


Apr 16/19 – PP

May 17/19 – Framed

May 30/19- PG; Invoice#- 24493, Job#- 2028-MC, PO#- 03-30

July 12/19- No Concrete

Aug 8/19- No Garage Pad

Aug 15/19- No Garage Pad

Sept 12/19-No Garage Pad

Sept 24/19- DW being poured

Oct 1/19- Staked for RG

Oct 7/19- Staked for RG repair

Oct 17/19- HP graded high than garage pad. Grade drains towards garage pad.

Oct 22/19- Order Cert

Oct 28/19- RG GC

Oct 30/19- RG; Invoice#- 26073, Job#- 2028-MC, PO#- 03-30

Oct 30/19- Hauled in clay for grading ; Invoice#- 26082, Job#- 2028-MC

Oct 31/19-RG FR

May 7/20- Garage restricts high point elevations unable to achieve design meet with inspector

Aug 19/20- RG GC

Aug 28/20- RG PR

Aug 28/20- Coordination Fee; Invoice#- 27449, Job#- 2028-MC, PO#- 03-30

Sept 2/20- Staked for FG

Sept 29/20- FG GC

Oct 6/20- FG FR


Builder Montorio
Job No 2028-MC
Address McConachie
City Edmonton
Province AB
Postal Code
Plot Received Apr 16/19
Grade Assigned
Grade Completed PG May 30/19
Grade Certificate Received
Grade Failed RG- Oct 31/19
Grade Passed
Invoice Date
Paid Date


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