1315 McConachie Blvd NW (RG PR- Sept 18/20)


May 17/19 – Open lot, NPP

Sept 12/19- Being Framed, NPP

Sept 24/19- Being framed, open trench LS NPP

Oct 1/19- PP

Oct 1/19- No DW, NO WW

Oct 7/19- Ready for PG

Oct 22/19- DW formed

Oct 30/19- PG; Invoice#- 26068, Job- 2024-MC, PO#- 03-30

Oct 30/19- Large cut out of back yard 4 tandems of excess clay; Invoice#- 26069, Job#- 2024-MC

Oct 31/19- Scaffolding full site, has DW, no eaves

May 5/20- To be staked

May 8/20- Staked for RG

May 25/20- RG clean up on right side, dirt piles on front right, downspouts washout left and right side

May 28/20- RG; Invoice#- 26695, Job#- 2024-MC, PO#- 03-30

June 29/20- Needs clean up

Sept 9/20- RG GC

Sept 18/20- RG PR

Sept 22/20- Coordination Fee; Invoice#- 27683, Job#- 2024-MC, PO#- 03-30


Builder Montorio
Job No 2024-MC
Address McConachie
City Edmonton
Province AB
Postal Code
Plot Received Oct 1/19
Grade Assigned
Grade Completed
Grade Certificate Received
Grade Failed
Grade Passed
Invoice Date
Paid Date


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